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Earn Astral Diamonds in Neverwinter

Upon reaching certain levels within the Neverwinter game you will unlock the ability to do Daily Quests from Rhix. As you level up in-game various types of Dailies will be available for you to complete for Astral Diamonds. At higher levels, you will receive daily quests to complete certain activities multiple times for greater rewards.

Daily Quests can be completed once every 20 hours for their Rough Astral Diamonds reward. The amount of Rough Astral Diamonds you receive from completing these Daily Quests varies based on the length of the quest.

Currently, when you reach appropriate level to unlock new skirmish it immediately becomes available, even if you already completed this time of skirmish today, or even still have one in your quest log. For instance, if you have done "Orc Assault" daily skirmish, you might still get "Storming the keep" the same day. It's even possible to dailies like Daily Foundry(2 times) and Daily Foundry(4 times), allowing you to progress both at the same time.

Foundry Dailies will be available upon reaching level 10 on your character in-game.

By completing an eligible Daily Foundry, you will receive 1, 000 for each Foundry Quest required.

  • Note: Both "Daily Foundry Quests" for astral diamonds and "The Foundry Hour" for experience multiplier has been removed since September 2015.

Domination[edit | edit source]

PvP Domination will be available upon reaching level 20 on your character in-game.

By completing Daily PvP Domination you will earn 1, 000 for each match required.

Skirmish Dailies will be available upon reaching level 20 on your character in-game.

Completing a Skirmish Daily will grant you 1, 000 for each skirmish required.

Dungeon Dailies will be available upon reaching level 14 on your character in-game.

Completing the specific Daily Dungeon grants you 3, 000 . Note these are currently bugged to only give you one specific dungeon depending on your level, while the NPC says you could do any level-appropriate dungeon - you cannot, you must do the specific one it grants you. This means that all max level (60) players can only run Dread Vault (non-epic) to complete their daily.

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