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All hamsters have been sent! Check your Xbox inbox for a message from NW Community and your inventory for the hamster.

Update: Due to the community feedback and concerns from this contest, we've decided to change it in order to ensure fairness to all adventurers. Instead of the first 70 to 70, we'll be asking all adventurers to submit screenshots of their characters at level 70 to the official forum thread before September 30! We'll then randomly choose 70 of those adventurers to receive the Miniature Giant Space Hamster. This way, everyone has a fair chance at getting this exclusive item. We'll give away the hamsters on October 6 after putting all eligible entries into a randomizer. Here's how to take a screenshot on Xbox One.

Once again, you're eligible for this contest as long as you submit a screenshot of your character at level 70 to the official forum thread before September 30! Only one entry per account! Yes, we will check. If you submit multiple characters who are on the same account, you will be disqualified.

Thank you again for the feedback! We're listening and hope this allows all our adventurers to rest.

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