Neverwinter exploit results in

Neverwinter maintenance

They really need to shut this game down and do maintenance and take care of the bugs.
Right now everyone is stuck in a queue.
Character sheet info is still not fixed.

I'm enjoying the game and grateful but they shouldn't keep the game on until they fix the bugs.

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I agree this game is a messy glitchy buggy pile of s*** as i can't use my deity as im stuck looking at a dark screen.

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(Topic Creator)2 months ago#3

I really love this game, why can't they just shut the game down and repair it like others.

stuck in the qeue as well. only reason why im against shutting the game down is because i doubt they will reimburse or put a hold on vip progress. ive heard before when the game was down a day or 2 they didnt give vip's there rewards

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carsauce posted...
Character sheet info is still not fixed.
That bug was present on the X1 version at launch 1 year ago or more, I don't think it will ever be fixed.

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Great wee game ruined by another company who doesn't give 2 s*** about its userbase and only care about raking in the money.

I love My Neighbor Totoro, and Okami.
Official Totoro of the Studio Ghibli boards.

I rarely experience issues when I play late at night, but when I log on after work the game is a laggy mess.

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Im loving the game too. Hopefully they have regular maintence and it keeps improvin. Dont want em to shut down today thou as i got the nite off lol.

They also need to fix when you go into a group you can't compare your gear or see anything like stat info and what not.
They also need to put roles you're going to play before you que and put what roles you're looking for when you que, because I've been in so many epic dungeons and couldn't complete a few because everyone wants to play dps and I'm the only one playing a non dps class (healer)

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