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Manycoins Bank in Protector's Enclave

The Bank provides additional per-character storage for items. In its default version, it has 16 slots to store items and 8 slots shared between characters, with the ability to purchase more bag space through the Zen Market at 16 additional Bank Slots for 600, and 8 additional Shared Bank slots for 700, cheaper if you have a coupon or during a Zen Market event. The bank can be expanded to a maximum of 176 slots (equivalent to 10 Manycoins Bank Slot Purchases). The Shared Bank slots can be expanded upto 48 slots (equivalent to 5 purchases on the Zen Market). The items placed in the Bank can be accessed from any bank location, regardless of where they were deposited, but they are only available from bank locations. The Manycoins Bank can be found in Protector's Enclave, Neverwinter. It is situated just North of the Seven Suns Coster Market, at the lower end of Dagger Way. The bank is currently staffed by Kala Holt and Amber Lill for regular bank services, and Fenton Udall for the Guild Bank. The bank can also be accessed by Neverwinter VIP members. This is done through the VIP menu.

When banked certain types of items, including Runestones and Bounty Items are treated as if they were in the characters inventory for purposes of Fusion and purchasing. In the case of fusing a runestone, stacks of the same runestone in the bank and inventory are treated separately (each must have 4 runestones individually to work) and runestones created by the process always end up in your inventory even if sourced from the bank. Note that the bank interface should be closed prior to any operations of this nature as it tends to override any item use with an attempt to bank the item.

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