Exploits plague Neverwinter

Neverwinter exploits

There are basically three sorts of action you can perform in Neverwinter Nights:

  • Standard actions, like attacking and casting spells, have two lag periods, a shorter one which prevents you performing standard actions or moving, and a longer one that just prevents you performing standard actions. (Typical times for these lag periods are on the order of 2 seconds and 4 more seconds, respectively). As such, if you want to cast a lot of spells before a battle or the like, it's best to space them apart in time somewhat; the casting will happen just as fast as it would if you were standing still, but you'll be able to combine it with your movement. A good example is the divine casting trial in the Prelude; you need to cast a Cure spell, and Turn Undead (which internally implemented as a spell), and you get several seconds of running between them (which are best spent walking from the Injured Man back towards the door).
  • Movement. You can move around with WASD or clicking at almost any time, apart from the short lag period after a standard action (or while entangled, paralysed, etc.). However, this will cancel any queued actions you have at the time. The reverse is not true: you can order a long move (via clicking on a distant target), then queue up other actions to perform after it completes. The cancelling-other-actions effect is sometimes useful; for instance, pressing W is the fastest way to cancel a rest (you can start giving useful orders faster after pressing W than after manually clicking on the "cancel rest" button, which is also a pretty small target). Another way to move is to give melee-only actions (like "open door" or "attack") on distant targets; this is similar to moving up to the target then performing the action, but it doesn't cancel queued actions. So on the "hit the gongs in sequence" puzzles in Chapter 3, you can get a perfect time just by clicking on all the gongs faster than the character can reach them, causing the character to run to the next gong as soon as a gong is hit.
  • Conversation and changing equipment. These actions happen instantaneously, so long as you aren't in combat and don't have an action queued, and the game isn't paused. (Some equipment slots can be changed even when in combat, so long as you aren't in either lag period after a standard action). There is no lag after these actions; you can spam equipment changes and conversation items as fast as you can input them. Starting and resetting conversations (you reset a conversation via clicking on the person you're conversing with) can be done even while the game is paused; this is essential to one of the major glitches. Other similar actions cannot be performed while the game is paused, but can be pause-buffered; in order to get through a conversation quickly in in-game time, you can pause the game, select an option from the conversation, quickly hit Space twice, and repeat. This is slower in terms of the time you actually get for the run, but sometimes necessary to finish a conversation before you get attacked (forcing you into combat) or before an enemy despawns.

Plot item duplication

Works on: unpatched, Diamond

Effect: If you have the only copy in the game universe of an item flagged as "essential to the plot", gain a second copy of it (if it's unsellable, for 1gp).

How to perform: Drop your plot item (preferably near a Divining Pool; this isn't necessary to the glitch, but makes it faster to perform). Go to a Divining Pool (there's one near each Recall target point), which should now sell you a second copy of the item. Then pick up the original.

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