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Neverwinter Nights 2 crafting Guide

ntmoore: I typically play tanks - buff armor, big weapon, mow down the bad guys. As such, I'm ignoring multi classing and all the crafting skills. I'm wondering if I'll miss anything important by doing so.

Is crafting a critical part of the game ? As in, you must have some crafting skill to win the game/create the magic frob that will kill the fizboz ? Or should I be selling all the recipe books and ingredients I find ? Or it is a skill that you can increase and use as more of a minigame ? (ie create a bigger/more powerful weapon than you'd ever find in game play).

Crafting *is* a minigame, and one I dislike in all games where crafting is non-essential. It tends to divert your focus, and for people like me (and you, I suspect) it is overly complicated - for crafting buffs, it's undoubtedly not complicated enough. You don't need it; if you don't like crafting, ignore it completely and sell that stuff.

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