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These Frequently Asked Questions are taken from the Bioware Neverwinter Nights 2 Toolset forums:


Q. I see you can rotate things in 45 degree increments... how do you rotate objects to other degrees?

A. select it, then hold down shift key and right click .. then move the mouse to smoothly adjust it.

Q. How do I rotate in 45 degree increments?

A. When you put in an object, go to the toolbar and then click on the "select objects" to quit painting the objects into the area. Right below the tab for the area name at the top of the screen are several buttons: Go to Start, Show North, Reset Object Orientation, Rotate Object 45 Left, and Rotate Object 45 Right. So all you have to do is select the object and click on one of those buttons.

Q. In an interior area, where can I rotate the tiles?

A. Use the right/left arrow keys to rotate the tile once it is selected.

Q. Does anyone know how to zoom out to get a full shot of you area without it disappearing?

A. Best you can do is max out your far plane. Look at View - Options, under Graphics. Maximum setting is 1000. Then turn off the toggle for Use Area Far Plane (and Fog)

Q. What does the command 'Bake' mean?

A. "Baking" is the process to calculate the walkmesh, i.e. the area in which creatures can walk. After building an area, you'll have to bake it so that the players can move about your area.

Q. How do I erase a color applied to a terrain?

A. Color it white

Q. What are the sizes of the tiles?

A. Exterior tiles are 10m square. Interior tiles are 9m square.


Q. Is there a way to create groups as we had them premade in Neverwinter Nights 1?

A. Select the objects you've placed, right click them and select Group. Name them. Right click them again and select Export. Save them into your modules directory inside the current temp folder you are working with (the module name will be at the end of it). Restart the toolset and open the module, you will see your grouped prefabs in the Prefab tab. You will have to rename it and classify it to get it organized as you want.

Q. How do I move objects up and down?

A. Select the object and you can then use your mouse wheel or you can also use the Page Up and Page Down buttons for very smooth height changes on your placeables.

Q: How do i rotate a tree?

A. Trees can not be rotated.

Q: Does anyone know how to put placeables on top of each other?

A. Select the placeable and press S (this changes the "Stackable" option to True). Then, just copy and paste the placeable as many times as you want.


Q: How do you display facial hair?

A. Under properties set "Appearance (facial hair)" to true. Then go to the "Armor set" tab and change the helm type. Certain helms will cause the facial hair to be visiable. For example setting the "Helm type" to "default(cloth)" and helm variant to "2" should show the facial hair. Make sure you check the box next to "Helm type."

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