Neverwinter tenacity

Do you enjoy dominating your opponents in PvP in Rivenscar Ruins and Hotenow? If you are ready to prove your skills against the best players in Neverwinter, we're excited to announce further changes to PvP to enhance your experience. Along with new PvP equipment for all classes, a new Tenacity stat to increase resistance to damage and control effects, we'll also be adding a matchmaking feature and penalize players who leave matches prematurely.

PvP Skill-Based Matchmaking

PvP Domination matches will be created using an ELO-like skill rating. Your skill rating will increase as win matches and decrease as you lose matches. If you win a match against players with much higher skill ratings, you will gain more points than if you had won against players with much lower skill ratings. Similarly, if you lose against players with much higher skill values, you will lose very few points compared to if you had lost against players with much lower skill values than yourself. The skill rating system also takes into consideration your teammates when determining your new skill rating after a match.

The PvP Domination queue attempts to match you with other players that are at a similar skill rating. As a result, queuing times for PvP Domination may be longer than you are used to, especially when the queue population is low. Even at low populations, however, the new queue times should be minimal as long as there are enough players in the queue to play.

PvP Leaver Penalty

PvP Domination matches aren’t as exciting when one or more of your team members leave during the middle of an intense fight for control points. With upcoming changes, we’ll be implementing a leaver penalty feature to encourage players to fight for every Glory point until the match is over.

You will be penalized for leaving PvP matches except in the following cases:

  • 2 minutes have gone by and there are 3 or fewer players left on your team.
  • The match is over.

If you attempt to leave your party during a time that you can be penalized, you will be presented with a confirmation window
that tells you how long you will be penalized for. If you cancel your attempt to leave, you will remain in the match and not be penalized. If you accept the penalty, then you will be removed from the match and incur the penalty.

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