Neverwinter names

So who's your main companion and what's it's name?

I have the owl and of course I named it Hedwig.

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My first companion was named Rickon Stark (healer) and then I added Robb Stark, Bran Stark, Arya Stark, and Tyrion Lannister

On my alt my only companion (healer) is named Franck Ribery

I cant remember the type but he is the defender from trade bar and his name is Forsaken Guard (my name is Forsaken Soul)
Wish i could name my armoured griffon lol

War Dog called Sick 'Em trying to get him to epic atm.

30/9/2005 how can a game be epic on a phone!?

Buddy, because I am obviously creative(actually it's just my real dogs name)

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Gelatinous Cube named Green Jell-O

Black Dragon Ioun Stone x12 - E Spiritus Dracon (Dragon Soul/Spirit)

Ioun Stone of Might - Floaty Stone

And some others:

Fire Archon - Efreet
Air Archon - Fujin
Earth Archon - Gnome
Pig - Chris P. Bacon
Renegade Illusionist - WereWolfKirbyy
Blacksmith - The Forgemaster
Erinyes of Belial - Crit. Happens, Then U Die
Slyblade Kobold - Clever Boy
Owl - Archimedes
Apprentice Healer - Heal.exe
Battlefield Medic - FullHeal.exe
Con Artist - M'aiq the Liar
Wererat Thief - Top Percentile
Lillith - Lillynette
Iron Golem - Tremor

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Have lots of companions off the top of my head


Heal me bish


Tinder sloot


Xanny barz

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the free wizard dude firgot what his default name was but named him frank,

the beginer first pick warrior guy named him mr muffins.

have a dog named rufus

and named gravilax, cthulhu

its a shame you cant see other players companions names.

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ThugETH posted...
War Dog called Sick 'Em trying to get him to epic atm.

worth it?

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