How to get NeverWinter Horse?

Neverwinter Buy Zen

I want one of the account wide mounts now.

I see most people have the guard drake. I guess +2000 power is a no-brainer for DPS. (And healer too?)

I am a Tank though..

Tank? Easy, Crab. Looks ridiculous but 2k defense is still 2k defense. Think there might be another mount or two with similar stats, but most beast tanks I see surf the crab.

I'm for function over form ... so I got the Guard Drake since Power is good for all my eventual alts.

For pure funkiness though, those Gas Spores look totally bizzaro, very eye catching.

"I wear the cheese, it does not wear me." That guy with the cheese (Buffy).

Maybe I should open all my prayer pouches, trying to get a 15% discount voucher?

Nodonn3 posted...
those Gas Spores look totally bizzaro, very eye catching.

I love my gas spores. I always get comments on them lol

Just a heads up if you have a power you can equip it to any mount. So I can say put that power increase from the drake onto the gas spore, defensive bonus on the drake etc etc.

Mr Lif-Jugular Vein

I bought the heavy worg, but wanted the heavy howler. Then a few days later, the howler was added. Originally got it for my gwf, but now I'm using a paladin. The extra crit and armpen is good stuff for the lack of dps I have.

Extra defense would be good though. I'm at 9500 right now. Really it just depends on how your character is built.

horrorpopsickle posted...
I bought the heavy worg, but wanted the heavy howler. Then a few days later, the howler was added. Originally got it for my gwf, but now I'm using a paladin. The extra crit and armpen is good stuff for the lack of dps I have.

yeah was thinking this also. whatever mount stats u ahve, substitute it with chants? can i create an alt, level till get the %discount off w/ then use and buy with that? i mean, their all acct wide right?

PSN IS: MrReaux

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