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Neverwinter Nights 2 Crossroad Keep

Digged this up from the old forums:

The Bug:
time to time, when in the final Crossroads Keep battle, during the
cutscene when Black Garius summons the King of Shadows avatar (a
Nightwalker), one of the greycloaks interrupts his summon, seems to keep
showing me the one by the left side of the gate as thats where he runs
to and starts attacking. This interrupts BG's summon casting resulting
in no KoS avatar spawning. This breaks the game which is a coin flip on
whether or not the next reload will result in the same thing, or the
summon takes hold.

The Work Around:
During the fight everyone will be rushing to BG and attacking him.

Hit the ~ button
Type: DebugMode 1 and hit enter
Type: rs 3541_death_nwalker and hit enter

will fast forward the game to the cutscene right after you kill the KoS
Avatar. BG will freak out at how the sword didn't shatter and either
Ammon or Zhjeave will recite the BG's true name, you get to choose who.

After the cutscene be sure to type DebugMode 0 and then hit the ~ key again to get the debug mode and window turned off.

bug happened to me 3 times back to back today on a replay of the game
and have seen other recent posts elsewhere saying it repeated upto 25
times before they either started a new game or did a full reinstall.

Thank you! I must have beat on Nearly Dead Garius for fifteen minutes before I realized it was bugged. This got me past the problem without a reload.

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