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DiabloThis is a listing of the known Horadric cube recipes in Diablo II.

The Horadric cube is a powerful artifact acquired over the course of playing Diablo II. Not only is it a necessary component when creating the Horadric Staff, (required to advance the plot), the cube can be utilized to transform components into a wide variety useful consumables and equipment. As if that wasn’t enough, the Horadric cube also functions as a backpack extension. Taking up four inventory slots, it can hold twelve – a highly valuable trait as inventories rapidly become clogged with charms and other junk end-game.

The cube is fairly forgiving compared to Runewords, but can still result in some un-expected results with the skull recipes, so please be very careful when arranging your materials.

Pre-1.10 Recipes

• 3 Runes of the Same Type (Runes 1-9) = 1 Higher Level Rune
3 El Runes = 1 Eld Rune
3 Eld Runes = 1 Tir Rune
3 Tir Runes = 1 Nef Rune
3 Nef Runes = 1 Eth Rune
3 Eth Runes = 1 Ith Rune
3 Ith Runes = 1 Tal Rune
3 Tal Runes = 1 Ral Rune
3 Ral Runes = 1 Ort Rune
3 Ort Runes = 1 Thul Rune

This works for Runes El-Ort.

• 3 Perfect Skulls + 1 Rare Item + Stone of Jordan = Add 1 Socket To a Rare Item
Rare Items can only have one socket. You cannot add sockets to items that don’t normally have sockets. You can not use this on a Rare with one socket. You can only add one socket to a zero socket Rare Item.

• 1 Perfect Skull + 1 Rare Item + Stone of Jordan = 1 High Quality New Rare Item of the same type
This formula has the possibility of creating a higher quality Rare Item than the following formula. ilvl = int(.66 * clvl) + int(.66 * ilvl) That is, the ilvl will be equal to .66 times your clvl (rounded down) plus .66 times the input item’s ilvl (also rounded down).

• 6 Perfect Skulls + 1 Rare Item = 1 Random Low Quality Rare Item of the same type
You can use this formula to get another chance at a Rare Item of the same type. ilvl = int(.4 * clvl) + int(.4 * ilvl) Player level matters. This formula will not work on items larger than 3×2.

• 4 Health Potions (of any type) + Ruby (any type) + Magical Sword = A Magic Sword of the Leech
You can use this formula to get a Life Stealing sword. ilvl = 30. The sword will always have the “of the Leech” suffix (4-5% Life Stolen Per Hit) and has a chance at getting a prefix as well. The type of sword is retained. For example, a champion sword as input will give a champion sword as output.

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