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How much do you like book-keeping? Given that you can Rest just about any and everytime you want, Spellcasters tend to rock out. Sorcerers especially.

Weapon Feats are really good. Just pick up a Weapon Focus. Loot is not random. Loot is specifically keyed to what you're good at. If you don't pick a Weapon Focus early in the game, you'll end up picking up magical clubs for the first half of the game...

That being said, the game definitely favours Melee classes. A straight-up Fighter works pretty well, straight-out-of-the-box. Weapon Foci, Power Attack and Cleave are a must, Specialisation. Improved Disarm works wonders, especially if you're using a Greatsword (you should...The magic axes in the OC aren't that great). So, you can Rest anytime you want. Therefore, just run into traps, rest for full heal, keep on trucking.

Find a weapon that does elemental damage (there's a greatsword you can get very early on in Chapter 1 that deals fire damage...One of the best reasons to Spec greatsword early...And not only because otherwise you'd end up with magical clubs ) and start bashing open chests. No lockpicking required.

Fighter 4 / Paladin 16 is very powerful. Since the game favours Lawful Good in the first place, and, like regular D&D, you run out of good feats. And Paladins can dish out melee damage, and can heal themselves. And since Paladin spell-pool is limited, not too much book-keeping required.

Fighter 10 / Rogue 10 is also very good. And you can even be Lawful Good, since stealing stuff out of people's homes is A-OK. You get a boatload of feats, and a boatload of skills. A full rogue is a bad idea, as most enemies worth a damn are immune to Criticials (and therefore Sneak Attack).

Cleric 20. Yeah. Go nuts.

Druid 20 is powerful to be sure, but not nearly as overpowered as it should be if NWN followed the game properly.

Because the game is geared towards melee classes, Fighters/Barbs/Rangers/etc. gain XP pretty slowly in comparison to the other classes. Yeah. I'm not making that up. Depending on what class you are, will depend on how much XP you get during the game.

The fastest XP growth is a solo wizard or sorcerer. Don't summon your familiar, and don't use spells that summon things. And don't pick up a Henchmen. Solo means solo. It's tricky to pull off in the beginning...But, that's why you get a truckload of XP. And then you get a decent set of spells...And yet...The XP still keeps coming.

WHATEVER character you go with, put max ranks in Heal. Healing Kits are everywhere, provide heaps of HPs if you max your skill...And, are cheaper than potions.

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