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whats wrong with a 40th level monk ?
Human Monk
str 14 (boost this as you level)
dex 14
int 14
wis 14
con 14
char 8
4 skills base +2 int +1 human = 7 skills to max out
Hide, Move Silent, Open Lock, Disable Trap, Spot, 3 others
(might go for traps - create trap and set trap, even as cross class skills,
means you can make your own traps even if none are for sale)

Mixing Monk with anything is not recommended until after level 20, since
monks really don't get strong until you have a lot of levels in them. Then
they get real strong.

After level 20 there are several possibilities. Add some rogue and shadow
dancer levels, or assassin levels. The troulbe here is that after level 20
most creatures are immune to criticals, which means also immune to sneak
attacks and the so called assassins death attack. UMD (use magic device) is
very handy however.

a few levels of mage can't hurt (the low level buff spells are always handy)
but you'll never get the epic spell feats (can't rack your spell casting
skill up high enough)

Monks don't have any "real awsome" combinations, but a 40th level monk is
Have searched BioWare etc, but, have not come up with a Epic Monk Design
that I may also use in a Persistent World.

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