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Neverwinter Nights Patch

Archived from groups: ( >dared speak in front of ME:
>I've heard that it breaks something in the CEP, I am waiting until the
>accompanying CEP patch is out before I patch NWN.
>What I've heard is that it screws with the weapon damage types;
>basically, if something does two types (eg blunt/piercing) it will
>pick the worst variety rather than the best.
>Unfortunately, I lost the good key to my NWN basic game when I
>reformatted, and haven't been able to reinstall
CD-Key ? It's in the manual, isn't it ??

That's the bad key. My copy shipped with a coloured slip (purple,
IIRC) that had a different key on it, because the one in the manual
was no good.

Believe me, I've tried every plausible iteration of the key in the
manual. Unfortunately, I also registered the game before Bioware
started keeping an online record of your keys for easy retrieval. I
can access my SoU and HotU just by logging in to my account there, but
all the NWN shows is "registered."

Sent a help request to Atari, explaining the issue and offering what
evidence I had that I had a legitimate, registered copy of the game.
Didn't even get a "sorry, we can't help you" response.

Back of the front cover...
I also copy any CD-Keys in manuals to the cover of the installation
disk - just in case I mislay the manual.

I never got into the habit. Mostly because I never misplace the

Address no longer works.
try removing all numbers from

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