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Neverwinter Patch Notes

  • Players in a guild can access the Stronghold through the Overworld map.
  • There are different quests available to do in Strongholds depending on the player’s level.
  • Players in a guild can donate a wide arrangement of items to the coffer in the Stronghold in exchange for guild marks, and guild leaders can use those items to build or upgrade various structures in the Stronghold map.

Build Structures

  • Players can use the donated resources to build structures, which provide a variety of benefits to the guild.
  • Production structures will produce resources like wood, stone, metal, and food that are used to build other structures.
  • Production enhancement structures will enhance the production abilities of your production buildings.
  • Boon structures will unlock new quests and boons for guild members.
  • The Marketplace structure will unlock a wide array of items for guild members to purchase.
  • PvP Towers will support players in our upcoming PvP game mode.

Stronghold Rewards

  • Guild members will earn guild marks when donating items to the coffer. In turn, they can use the guild marks to purchase a variety of things from the Marketplace, such as item level 125 and item level 140 gear. They can also purchase food that gives powerful buffs, as well as new Overload enchantments that will convey a variety of new buffs to players for their duration.
  • Once boon structures are built, guild members can activate and deactivate boons from those structures. These boons will grow in power as the guild ranks up said structures.

The Greed of the Dragonflight

  • When the activity, “The Travelling Wizard, ” is active and there are at least five players in the Stronghold map, players can talk to the Travelling Wizard in their stronghold to trigger the event.
  • Four dragons will spawn in the stronghold. Players have 10 minutes to defeat them, but be warned, the dragons will flee shortly after one of them is defeated!
  • Players will be rewarded based upon the number of dragons defeated. The rewards from this event will be required to purchase the new level 140 dragonflight equipment from the Marketplace.​

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