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I've noticed that since ~15 I've mostly gotten "orange" quests with mobs 2-3 levels above me. Is this or normal? So far I've played 99% solo.

I've only leveled 2 characters so far but I've pretty consistently been either at or above the level of the mobs.

are you in a guild? they have daily quests. also are you praying to your god at the campfires as soon as you can? that gives a decent chunk of xp as well as a bonus to xp earned.

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I was at the same level as quest mobs until about 14, when I fairly suddenly started running into mobs 2-3 above me.

I'm not in a guild but I invoke regularly (now that I know having inventory overflow stops it from working).

I realised I had available quests which quickly got me up to 17 but mobs are still 2-3 above me (going to confront Rhazzad).

It might be worth running a dungeon or two to catch up a bit.

I was below the level of the quests until after neverdeath graveyard. That place has some terrible quest chaining requiring you to kill the same mobs for different reasons in quests that chain, but it does give you a lot of XP. and the dailies in there give even more so you end up outleveling the quests a good bit. I think you start questing there around level 26-30.

Join a guild and go to stronghold and get 4 dailies, and do the harper quests in PE and Neverdeath Graveyard. big boost to XP. And make sure to do Neverdeath to complete no matter what, you get your third bag there.

You are missing out some quests somewhere. If you pick up all available quests & prioritize the lowest level ones, you'll always be ahead of the curve. I did it that way & with the exception of reaching Blackwater at lvl 19 I've been ahead all the way. By the time I reached mount hotenow I was 8/9 levels ahead.

Edit: Use azure enchantments for as long as you can.

I used to be a vault hunter, till I got shot in the face.

This happened to me but didn't notice at first. Freaked me out since I went from slaughtering (as everyone does early on) to getting my butt kicked. Then I noticed everyone was 4 levels higher than me and there were hoards of them.

Yay to me I didn't die. Although I exhausted my healing potions.

So, I noticed that Sarge Knox keeps giving quests higher and higher introducing you to places outside your level. I kept going back to him before I moved on to other people. It's quite annoying, since I have no idea which are quests I can do or quests sending me to places outside my level.

Just have to exhaust all possible quests and areas before visiting him again.

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