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Having trouble linking your Xbox or PSN account to your Arc account, or vice versa? Then, this article is for you! There are several ways to link them to each other, so please use the one below that best fits your needs.

Linking an account in-game

When you first open the game on the Xbox One or PS4, you will be prompted to link your Xbox or PSN Account to an Arc account.

Note: The images below depict the linking flow for Neverwinter on the Xbox One, but it is virtually the same process on the PlayStation 4, as well as for Star Trek Online on both consoles.

If you select Open in Browser, you will be redirected to the Arc website, where you will be asked to sign in using an existing Arc account, or to create a new Arc account in our system. Whichever method you use, after you have signed in with an account, you will be asked to enter the code shown in the prompt on your screen, which is unique to your Xbox or PSN Account. Don't worry, if you do not remember the code off-hand, the code will automatically be filled in for you, with the option to change it if desired. Once you have entered a code, you will be all set and your account will be linked!

You can also skip the initial linking process and choose to link later by selecting Link Account under Options on the Main Menu.

Linking account via the Arc App for Xbox One

The first time you run the Arc App, you will be prompted to sign in using your Arc account. If you do not have an Arc account, you will have the opportunity to create one, after which it will sign you in and automatically link your account.

Note: There is currently no Arc App for the PlayStation 4.

Please note that Customer Support is not able to manually link accounts for players. If you register and link to a new Arc account, Customer Support cannot transfer or merge either characters or items between accounts.

Also note that the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions of our games are their own unique worlds, and thus it is not possible to transfer any purchases, items, characters, or other data from the PC versions to the Xbox One or the PS4. Linking your console and Arc accounts does NOT override this limitation.

IMPORTANT: Prior to submitting a Neverwinter or Star Trek Online support ticket on our website, using the Arc app, or claiming any Arc Rewards for earned Achievements, players are required to link their Xbox or PSN Account to an Arc account. If you are unable to link your account for whatever reason, please contact Customer Support and an agent will be happy to help you resolve your issue. Thank you for playing!

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