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Neverwinter Guardian Fighter gear

'The Maze Engine: Guild Alliances is now open for everyone to find new friends and allies! A good way to start you adventures in hopes of finding these friends is our class booster packs. Available now in the Zen Market, the Guardian Fighter Booster Pack is for those who prefer to stand strong and defend.

Guardian Fighter Booster Pack – Everything a new Guardian Fighter needs and more: weapons, armor, an adventurer’s pack, a 24 slot bag, and a Werewolf companion that will grow alongside you.

The Adventurer’s Helper Pack and Greater Bag of Holding can only be claimed once per account and are tradeable with other players.

This pack is an account-wide unlock and can be reclaimed from the Rewards Claim Agent in Protector’s Enclave.

Werewolf – A werewolf that has strayed from the land of Vellosk, this companion will convert your enemies to fight by your side as lycanthropes. The Werewolf has an Active Bonus that grants you additional Live Steal Severity.

Draw your sword, raise your shield and stand proud as a Guardian Fighter with this booster pack!

Click here to register for Neverwinter, the Dungeons & Dragons action MMORPG. The best part about Neverwinter: it's free to play! Get a head start in-game by purchasing Neverwinter item packs which include unique companions, mounts, boosts, and exclusive benefits!

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