Neverwinter Nights 2 Enchanting

The Complete Craftsman is an upgrade for the basic crafting system in Neverwinter Nights 2 which includes numerous fixes and improvements, and blends seamlessly with the official campaign and any other mod that uses the basic crafting system. With TCC you can easily rename items, enchant your wondrous objects with additional effects, and more. All through the standard crafting system, without any special commands or cheat codes.


  • Add more effects to your crafted equipment
  • Add effects to any of your wondrous items
  • Upgrade effects on fully enchanted items
  • Enchant gloves with weapon bonuses for monks
  • Add attack bonuses to your ranged weapons
  • Rename items without changing their statistics
  • Use more than 150 new enchanting recipes
  • Distill essences to create two lesser essences
  • Create masterwork versions of mundane items
  • Enchant items with race and class restrictions
  • Salvage magical items for essences and gems
  • Transmute metal bars from one type to another
  • Create customized item sets and powers

See the Read Me file: Link
See the Recipe List: Link

Important Note About Versions:
Due to a peculiarity with older versions of the game, versions of TCC from 1.03 forward will produce unexpected results when used with versions of the game prior to 1.03. To accommodate users who don't wish to upgrade the game to version 1.03 or later, TCC version 1.02 is available below. Note that the version 1.02 will not be updated, so upgrading your game to the latest version is strongly recommended.

Important Note On Installation:
If you are upgrading from version 1.05 or earlier to version 1.06 or later, it is important that you delete the files from the previous version of TCC. The file structure has been changed, and some outdated files have been eliminated. If you do not delete the old files you can expect some features to produce unexpected results, or not work at all.

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