Neverwinter Nights 2

Neverwinter Nights Chapter 2

The second part of this chapter takes place exclusively in Luskan. Get ready to explore these mean streets and be wary for your life.

The few optional quests that are available in this area are covered below.

The Streets of Luskan
Be a little careful while exploring the streets of Luskan - there is a war going on in them! The Bloody Hands and the Black Knives are each run by one of the High Captains. As you walk through the streets you will have to pick on both sides. To make matters worse, the Black Knives are also wererats! They are a little tougher than they should be, but are still manageable.

The first thing you will want to do is visit the local Temple of Tyr. Talk to Aarin inside to learn that Aribeth disappeared. He doesn't want you to look for her, but would rather that you look for one of the High Captains' seals. He needs it so that you can fool the wards on the bridge to the Host Tower. Before you do anything else head to the Cutlass Inn and the Wink and Tickle to get some quests.

The High Captains

This quest starts when you talk to either of the High Captains. Head to the southwestern corner of town and go through the hole in the wall to get to the Docks area. Talk to Kurth and you can arrange for Evaine's safe release, but only if you kill Baram for him. Return to Luskan proper and enter the northeastern sewers. Talk to Baram there and you can arrange a similar deal with him - kill Kurth and he will release Londa's children. Choose which one you are going to kill and go on to their section. You only have to do one of the following two tasks, but I will detail both of them. High Captain Kurth
Return to the Docks area and attack the illusion of Kurth to open the gates. Deal with all the guards (bugbears and Black Knives) and head to the northeastern corner of the area. Enter his house after killing all the guards at the front door. There is a high level Ogre Deathwarden there, so you might want to watch out for him!

Kurth is waiting in the far northern chamber, but he is too hard to take out without first evening the odds a bit. There is a portal in the western section of the manor that is spewing out outsiders every few rounds. If you shut it off, you will destroy all the outsiders in Kurth's room. To destroy it you will have to talk to the portal and give it the Smooth Token (found at point a) and the Flowing Sphere (found at point b). When it is destroyed you can finally deal with Kurth. Without the Vrock and the Rakshasa there you will only have to deal with a cultist and Kurth - a far easier battle, if you ask me. Take the cultist out first, or he'll just keep healing Kurth. Pick up the key that Kurth drops to open Evaine's cell and grab the seal from his bedroom to finish this part of the quest. High Captain Baram
Baram's lair can be found through the sewers. The northern exit from the sewers or the northeastern entrance to the sewers from Luskan can both be used. Both of these entrances bring you to Baram's sewers. If you took the latter path you will have to attack Baram to make the gate open. Fight your way north and kill the Wererat Captain and the Yuan-Ti Necromancer. Enter the base via the northern stairs.

Just to the north of the entrance there is a machine that generates mummies every minute or so. To work it needs to have either the Yuan-Ti Conjurer or Necromancer casting spells at it. The problem here is that they are both invincible. Head west and go into the souther door to find some spiders and the nanny of Londa's kids. Further to the west is a machine that creates skeletons. To turn it off just destroy the two headstones. It will blow up right after you destroy them. Return to the last room and kill the necromancer. Go east and smash all the skeletons that are worshiping the spirit generator. Smash the altar and then kill the conjurer. Grab the key off of one of the corpses and proceed to the north.

To the northeast you will find Baram. He is attended by a priestess of Mask and two statues. Destroy the statues to get rid of his spell defenses and then kill the priestess to stop her from healing him. Then concentrate on the rogue himself. Grab his head (as a trophy, no more) and his seal from the chest behind him.

Return to the Temple of Tyr and give Aarin the seal. He will give you the forgery that you need to pass into the Host Tower. Finish off all the optional quests now, as you won't have a chance to later. Now head to the Host Tower. Show the letter to the guards and enter the infernal place. The Host Tower
The Host Tower has 10 floors to explore, but you don't have to explore them all. Travel is permitted by using the portal stones, and floors can be skipped by using the higher level ones. I am not sure if the Portal Stones are set or given randomly. I will say here which stone I got while traveling through this place for the first time.

Floor 1: Go into the eastern room and pick up the key, the diary and the letter. Go south and use the key to open the door. Kill the Shield Guardian and get ready to deal with the guards. The Underwizards that you fight her will become a rather common occurrence - they will swarm you at certain points. Just rush at them when they appear and you should be fine. Use the southeastern portal to get to the second floor.

Floor 2: The second floor hosts a battle between some wizards and summoned creatures. Step in and kill them all. There is Level 4 Portal Stone in the lower right room. Kill Blaskar the Overwizard in his eastern room and loot the place for Level 3, 5, and 6 Portal Stones. Now use the portal to go to another floor.

Floor 3: The third floor is a warzone between imps and quasits. Go to the northwest corner and kill the Greater Quasit. Grab its eye and place it into the southeastern brazier. Do the same thing to the northwestern brazier with the eye from the Imp Ravager. With the portals closed you can search the place. Place one Gargoyle Skull and one Slaad tongue into the northeastern apparatus and then cast Dispel Magic on it to get a Rod of Reversal. There is a Level 4 Portal Stone in the chest there. Return to the portal and go to another floor.

Floor 4: The fourth floor is home to the golem factory. Pick up both the Golem Control Rod and the Golem Replication Rod along the hall until you get to the northeastern room. Place both of those items onto the altar to create a Helmed Horror. Follow it to the door, let it bust it down and wait for it to go in. It will engage the iron golem in there. Give it a few moments to draw all the fire, then run into there and deal with all the wizards. If you want to attack the golem you will need +3 or better weapons to hit it. You will want to attack Rimardo before he can become too much of a nuisance, as high level wizards are bound to be. He will surrender and you get the chance to question him. Do so and then demand his stuff then let him go. Garb the Level 7 Portal Stone from the chest in the northwestern room and then use the portal to go to another floor.

Floor 5: The fifth floor is just a bunch of high level battles. There is a Level 8 Portal Stone in the upper left room and Level 6 and 7 Portal Stones in the lower right room. If you choose to save the lady in that room, she will give you a magical item for your troubles. In a little side room there is a Battle Devourer - it is immune to mostly every attack that you can try on it, except for hitting it really hard! There is nice treasure in its room though, so it is worth attacking the thing. Use the portal to go to another floor.

Floor 6: To get to the northwestern chamber you will have to go around the entire level. Kill Valindra in that chamber and pick up the Level 8 and Pinnacle Portal Stones from the room just south of her. With those stones in your possession return to the portal and go to another floor.

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