Nwn character portraits

Neverwinter Nights character portraits

Human male 99Of the five sizes, the medium size is required; if the medium-sized version is missing, the game believes the portrait does not exist at any size and uses the default portrait instead. The other sizes are only required if they will be used. (For example, the huge size is only displayed during character creation, so is not required for portraits not intended to be available to players.) If a required size is missing (but the medium-sized version exists), that size of the portrait is displayed as a white rectangle.

The five .tga files can be generated by from a single image in jpeg format (usually indicated by the file name extension .jpg). This is done as follows.

  1. Place the jpeg file (e.g. my_pic.jpg) in the portraits subdirectory of where Neverwinter Nights is installed (typically C:\NeverwinterNights\NWN\portraits\).
  2. Start , then start (or load) a game.
  3. Enter the console command ConvertPortrait followed by the name of the image without the extension (e.g. ConvertPortrait my_pic).
  4. Find the .tga files in the portraits subdirectory, zip them up into a single archive file, and share it with the community.

While this procedure does produce files of the appropriate sizes, it is often not the best method for producing portraits. Many of the better portraits involve cropping the image for the smaller sizes, instead of simply scaling the full image down. Cropping allows for more detailed portraits at the larger sizes, while not overloading the smaller sizes with too much detail. For example, some portraits show the full body in the huge size, head and shoulders in the medium size, and just the face in the tiny size.

Changed portraits

BioWare changed some character portraits in a patch. Many of the BioWare character portraits are modifications of photographs that were obtained from an agency, but for one reason or another that collection of photographs contained some that were not authorized for modification and use in a computer game. Once BioWare was made aware of the images that were not authorized, replacement images were produced and then distributed as part of the normal patching process.

New portraits

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