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Neverwinter Nights Henchmen Quests

  • Near the center of the Beggar's Nest you will see Aldo, whose wagon is broken. He is reluctant to leave his wagon and will ask you to find his assistant Hector, who was supposed to find a replacement part.
  • Enter Thomas Wheelright Wagon Repair in the southeast corner of the district where you will meet Hector. He will ask you to come with him to tell his master that he could not find a wagon part.
  • Escort Hector to Aldo. When Aldo learns that there is no spare part to be found, he will abandon his wagon and head to safety with his wife and Hector.

Beggar's Nest: A Lost Soul

  • At the north end of the district, near the gate to the Graveyard, you will find Marcus' body. On his body you will find a staff, his journal, and some gold.
  • Tell Betrand in the Temple of Helm of his brother's death and return both the staff and the journal to him for experience, a small reward, and 3 alignment points toward good. You can try to lie to him about his brother possessions to keep the powerful magic staff, but you will not receive a reward.

Trouble in No-Man's-Land

  • Between the City Core and Blacklake, you will find No-Man's-Land. At the entrance, Cendran will ask you to kill the half-orc Loxar who has wrecked havoc in the area and killed many people.

Blacklake: Samuel's Rescue

  • Return to Thurin in the Board Lade Bare for a reward.

The Great Tree: Animal Rescue

  • Offer to help Nyatar, by the Great Tree in the City Core, rescue the animals from the zoo and he will give you a Zoo Key Copy, a Transport Via Plants Scroll, and a Scented Fetish which will allow you to communicate with the animals.
  • Enter the Zoo in Blacklake and use the Zoo Key Copy to open the door to the east.
  • Reenter the zoo and go through the first door on the right.
  • Kill the Master of the Pens in the second room and pull the lever there to open the cages.
  • Speak to each of the animals and tell them to go to the tree to escape.
  • Once all four animals have left, return to the grove and invite each of them to enter the portal.

Docks - The Masterson Amulet

  • Speak with Hemmel Masterson near the southwest corner of the Docks District. He will tell you about how he gave his locket to Callik who promised to give his family safe passage out of the city, but didn't carry through.
  • Follow the walkthrough for the main quest to find Callik in the Sewers. After you have killed him, you can take the locket from his body.

Hints of a Cult and Treachery

  • After each of the Waterdhavian creature components have been given to Aribeth, you will be ambushed by four assailants. Look at my maps of the four districts of Neverwinter to learn the locations of these attacks.
  • In each of the attacks, one of the attackers will have a note on him containing their instructions. These notes will hint about an active cult in Neverwinter and a traitor.
  • Give each of the notes to Fenthick in the Halls of Justice to receive a reward.

Henchmen Quests

  • All of the mercanaries available for hire in the City Core will tell you about themselves when asked. The higher your level, the more they will share with you, until eventually, you will learn of a particular item they are looking for. Find that item for them and they will reward you with a special magical item that can be upgraded in future chapters.

Moonstone Mask: Art Theft

  • Enter the Rumbottom Estate in the center of Blacklake, and at the back of the building you will find Rumbottom in his bedroom. He will challenge you, but will back down if you threaten him. Take the Portrait of Sir Reginald Rumbottom III from one of the chests.
  • The Gilded Urn can be found in the Hodge Estate in Blacklake. It is located in a chest in the northwest corner of the building. It appears Hodge has fled, anticipating your arrival.
  • In the Androd estate in the northwest corner of the Docks district you will find the Gaudy Statuette. It can be found in a chest of drawers in Androd's private chamber. He will not try to stop you when you come for it.
  • Ophala Cheldarstorn will reward you well for each of the items you bring to her.
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