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Neverwinter Nights save game editor

> like to replay some of my saved games but with a different character
for me. Is there a way to edit (using Leto or something else) the save
file to replace me with a different saved character? Thanks

You can use Leto to edit any aspect of the SAV, but the steps involved
are different between GE and AE, and it's unfortunately rather easy to
make mistakes.

I can give you a step-by-step if you describe what you want to do.

For swapping characters:

1. Use the AE. After starting Leto, open the AE first thing. Don't open
anything in the GE.

2. Open the character you are going to swap *in*. This character could be
a BIC in your localvault, or even a character in a different savegame.
I'll assume you're using a BIC - you need a few extra steps if you use a
character in another SAV. (Let me know if that's the case.)

3. You can make changes to the character while in the AE if you want, but
for just swapping the character in as-is, you don't need to change
anything at all.

4. Save the character. In the Save As Type drop-down, choose "Into List
From File".

5. Browse to the SAV. Select it. You'll be prompted to overwrite, and
next prompted for a resource. Select Module.ifo.

6. Finally you're given a list of characters currently in the savegame.
(If you aren't, then cancel now and examine the savegame, it may have
problems.) Usually this is a list of one Entry (character) under the

7. Select the Entry / character you want to replace. Click OK. The
characters are now swapped.

That's it. By the way, if you're feeling intrepid, this procedure is
somewhat simpler with the v4 beta of Leto. The v4 beta doesn't have many
features yet, but this is one of the features that is operational. If

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