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Has this game improved any since its initial release? I understand that free to play MMOs try to get money in order to fund the game, but it seemed to be apparent at every second in Neverwinter, as opposed to the recently released DC Universe Online on Xbox which doesn't seem to obsess over wanting money AS much.

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@1 I only ever spent money to lessen the XP grind and get a faster mount but its not needed at all.

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@1 Not really a fan of either game but Never winter expansions are free, DCUO charges a fairly hefty fee for what they are. Of the two i would say its DCUO that obsess over wanting your money imo
@2 and 3 that is good to know and I guess I may have judged it too early, I'll have to go back and try it out again. I just remember a lot of the abilities being confusing to understand, and a lot of key concepts of the game don't seem to be clearly stated (most MMOs do this, but this one did it more).

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Fuck yes thats a nice bunch of achievements, no idea on how to get most of them but lets go!

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The game's performance has improved tenfold since the original Mod 5 console release. Great variety in the new list too!

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Yep recently hit 1750/1750 looking to get stuck into this expansion.

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Neverwinter Nights Xbox 360
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