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Lord Neverember has witnessed you striking down Valindra, slaying mighty dragons and even taking down Tiamat herself in your adventures in . Due to his unwavering confidence that you will continue these heroic achievements, he has graciously started a massive pack sale!

Many of our packs offer items that you can’t get anywhere else, no matter what kind of magic you use. They’re also filled to the brim with items that are sure to make your adventures all the more relaxing. Care thee a peek at some of the rarities from these packs? Look below and click on the images for more information.

Please note that some packs are currently unavailable on Xbox One

Pack Sale Starts: Thursday, July 14 at 7AM PT (or after maintenance on PC and 10AM for Xbox One)

Pack Sale Ends: Monday, July 18 at 10AM PT

Everything a new Guardian Fighter needs and more: weapons, armor, an adventurer’s pack, a 24 slot bag, and a Werewolf companion that will grow alongside you.

Everything a new Great Weapon Fighter needs and more: weapons, armor, an Adventurer’s Pack, a 24 slot bag, and a War Boar companion that will grow alongside you.

The Hero of the North Pack features the unique Menzoberranzan Renegade race, Heavy Giant Spider Mount, the Panther Companion and much more! Click on the Logo to learn more about the pack.

Ride in style with the Adventurer’s Horse Mount, add the Vicious Dire Wolf to your companion collection and pick up many other great items featured in the Guardian of Neverwinter Pack. Click on the Logo to learn more about the pack.

Initially released alongside the Fury of the Feywild update, this pack features the exclusive Moon Elf race, the majestic Unicorn and the Sylph companion. Click on the Logo to learn more about the pack.

One of the original packs, this pack contains helpful items to kick start your adventure in Neverwinter. Includes Adventurer’s Helper Pack, Amulet of Protection and Bag of Holding.

The Hunter Ranger Booster Pack is perfect for both new and veteran players who are looking to create a Hunter Ranger! This pack can only be purchased once. Have a loyal Hunting Hawk and “Master of the Savage Wild” title to show off to all your friends.

Unlock the mysterious power of the Fated items with the Scourge Warlock Booster Pack. The Scourge Warlock booster pack is perfect for both new and veteran players who are looking to create a Scourge Warlock! You can find the Erinyes of Belial, Fated Cloak and Hood of Fate, and the Fated Pact Blade for all your Warlock needs.

Everything a new Oathbound Paladin needs and more: a Dedicated Squire Companion, Paladin’s Blessed Armaments and other righteous items.

For the brave warriors chosen by Bahamut, this pack contains a Priestess of Sehanine Moonbow Companion among other items.

Unleash the power of the Dragonborn and become a Legend in Neverwinter with the Dragonborn Pack! The Dragonborn Legend Pack contains exclusive access to the Dragonborn race and many items to aid you on your adventures. Prepare to battle Dragons with new artifacts, enchants and unique items specifically crafted for Dragon Slaying.

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