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Neverwinter Nights Cheats Codes

There are events in the game where you have to choose only 1 between 3 items and the NPC/Monster dissappears afterwards. You wished you could take them all, well here's how to do it...

This event happens inside helm's hold before the end of the Chapter 1 module. You will find an altar in the North-Eastern part of helm's hold where 'Chaohinon of the void' is being summoned but apparently has been discontinued. If you decide to continue the ritual, you will be given 3 choices for a reward:

1.) Cloak (Cloak of Movement | can be sold for 2400 gp)
2.) Double Axe (Ascorian Double Axe | can be sold for 1197 gp)
3.) Temporary stats increase.

Before choosing your reward, follow these steps:
STEP 1.) PAUSE the game.
STEP 2.) Choose your reward.
STEP 3.) Click on Chaohinon again to re-initiate the dialogue while paused.

You have to be fast enough to UNPAUSE then PAUSE AGAIN to view your dialogue choices till you get to the part of choosing your rewards. Repeat the steps to get as many rewards as you can till the time runs out.

This method can also be used for Helm's Guardian should you choose to banish Chaohinon of the void.

Contributed by: K3nShiN

One Hit Kills

Enable cheats by hitting ~ and typing in DebugMode 1 and hitting Enter.

In any area, hold the cursor at a point where you want to go and hit + on the number pad. To instantly kill a tough enemy, hold the cursor on it and hit the y key. You can even use the instant kill cheat to break most doors, chests, and boxes.

Contributed by: Salarian

Unlock all chapters in single player

In your NWN directory is a file named nwnplayer.ini. Open it up and find the line that starts ''CODEWORD='' (it should be somewhere near the top, in the ''[Game Options]'' section).

Change it to: CODEWORD=hacktastic Open up NWN and when you start a new solo game all the chapters will be available.

Contributed by: Southpaw018

Move to another area

If you want to move to another area instantly, enable DebugMode 1 first, then find out that area's code by pressing ''X'' key on the keyboard. Note its area tag (eg. MAP_M2Q1A for Port Llast). Then when you want to move to that area, press ~ key, then type dm_movetoarea (area code) For example ''dm_movetoarea MAP_M2Q1A'' (no quotes, case sensitive) teleports to Port Llast instantly. Make sure you enable DebugMode 1 first for all codes!

Contributed by: Fenriswolf

Making your alignment good.

In Chapter 3 go to Fort Ilkard and kill the leader of the Elk tribe.Take his head back to the Head commander at Fort Ilkard and tell him that what he's doing is wrong, and to keep his money.Then you'll get 7 points towards Good.Repeat this process until you've reached your character Good.Or if you wish, just leave it as neutral.

Contributed by: Nagoo

Easy GP

In the prelude, talk to the guy who sells you items at a discount price. Purchase a Paladin's Tunic for 0 GP. Then sell the tunic for 1 GP. Repeat this process until you have a satisfying amount of GP.

Note: This secret can only be done in the prelude BEFORE you talk with Aribeth and can only be done in the prelude.

Contributed by: xNinjaOfChaosx

Reach Level 10 Automatically (Special Edition Required)

To reach Level 10 without any work, Select "New", "Other Modules". and select the Multiplayer Arena Level at the top of the list. then, select a character to use, and talk to any of the NPC's. When you get past their initial Conversation, You will be given 45000 XP. Save your character, They are now level 10. (You can now load these characters into any of the Playing Modes.)

Contributed by: Kiwafur

Infinite Gold

In the first chapter, talk to Aribeth, and ask her how to use the Stone of Recall. At the end of the conversation, she will give you 100 gp. Repeat this process until you reach your desired amount of gold.

Contributed by: Gronjo


Hit the tilde key ~ to access the console.

ModCHA # Add specific number to Charisma
ModCON # Add specific number to Constitution
ModDEX # Add specific number to Dexterity
ModINT # Add specific number to Intelligence
ModSTR # Add specific number to Strength
ModWIS # Add specific number to Wisdom
dm_allspells 1 Allows the use of every spell in the game. No class restrictions.
dm_modifyage # Change your character's age.
SetAppearance (001-298) Change your character's appearance
dm_modifysavefortitude # Change your fortitude saving throw.
dm_modifysavereflex # Change your reflex saving throw.
dm_modifysavewill # Change your will saving throw.
DebugMode 0 Disable cheats
dm_gettime Display current game time
fps Display your frames per second.
DebugMode 1 Enables Cheats
GiveXP # Give a set amount of XP.
dm_givegold # Gives you Gold
dm_levelup Gives you just enough XP to gain one level.
dm_god God mode
dm_heal Heal all damage done to your main character.
hidepartynames Hide your party's names on the sidebar
dm_cowsfromhell Makes angry cows appear to kill your enemies.
dm_modifyattackbase # Modify your base to-hit bonus.
dm_modifyspellresistence Modify your spell resistence.
dm_givelevel # Raises your level
dm_settime Set current game time
dm_setrace Set your character's race.
SetCHA # Sets Charisma (9-50)
SetCON # Sets Constitution (9-50)
SetDEX # Sets Dexterity (9-50)
SetINT # Sets Intelligence (9-50)
SetSTR # Sets Strength (9-50)
SetWIS # Sets Wisdom (9-50)
showpartynames Show your party's names on the sidebar
dm_mylittlepony Speed Cheat
dm_allspells 0 Turns off the above code.

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