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Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment are having a bit of difficulty with Neverwinter's open beta. The MMO opened its doors to the public in open beta just a month ago. Since the game has launched, the developer's been wrestling with a glut of server issues. Unfortunately, exploiters added yet another task on the developer's to-do lists.

Exploiters discovered that they could make billions of astral diamonds (one of Neverwinter's many currencies) via the auction house by bidding on negative auctions. According to, this apparently was an exploit that had already been discovered and patched on Cryptic's other MM Star Trek Online. How embarrassing.

In any case, after discovering the exploit, Cryptic took the servers down—an exploit of this nature quickly spiraled out of hand, enough to derail Neverwinter's economy. In order to undo the damage, Cryptic was forced to roll back the game to an earlier state. Any player progress made on May 19, 2013 from 5:20 AM to 12:20 PM PST was erased. For those who spent real money on Zen, the currency available across all Perfect Worlds Entertainment games, Cryptic will be reimbursing those players in full: "You'll have any and all ZEN that you transferred to Neverwinter - we tracked all transfers during that time and made sure players have the ZEN they should have, " wrote Cryptic in a FAQ about the exploit. "If you spent ZEN on items during that time, you'll need to re-buy the items, but you'll have all of that ZEN. No one will lose any money they spent on Neverwinter because of this fix. If you have any issue, please see the customer and billing support contacts below."

Neverwinter's servers have now been restored. Unfortunately, there's plenty of player progress that now will have to be re-grinded and re-earned.

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