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Since the first day I started to work in guides for this game and releasing information about some classes and their specific mechanics, I’ve received a ton of possitive feedback from many players and this is very important for me because it helps me to keep working hard. I love to share information and I find it amazing when people say that their game experience improved a lot after following my advices. Thank you very much guys and I hope I can be with you much more time.

If you would like to go a step further and show your appreciation in another way, I have included a paypal donation button below. This is not for profit, I would love to upgrade the blog, add even more information and improve many things! I’m from Venezuela and we don’t have a good situation here. The daily growth of the inflation and the currency control is killing us… So even the smallest contribution will mean a lot!

Thank you very much and best regards.

Hello! This is a video that me and my buddie @jayagedee did for fun thanks to his great skills with the demotool. You can see the highlights of the Maze Engine Campaign and there’s a ton of spoilers since we recorded every chapter. Kudos to the devs for the creativity shown in this campaign, some players even posted in the forum how funny were some missions and please guys keep up the good work. (I know they read this).😉

Thank you very much for watching!

JayAgeDee’s channel:

Hello! It has been a while since I’ve posted some info in my blog besides the videos ofc so I would like to take the opportunity to comment about a few of the most recent changes.

beholder-tankFirstly, there are many players that are still intrigued about what to use… Lostmauth or Orcus’ set. I’ll try to keep this as simple as possible. Lostmauth’s set is not useless, it is still good compared to the other options and don’t forget that GWF class has the highest weapon damage and can get a very high crit easily. According to a few test, the lostmauth’s set would be around 5% +/- of your total damage (tested with 100% crit rate so less crit % = less overal dmg). Orcus’ is a good set that works with a very simple formula: HP% – HP% / 5. It doesn’t matter who has the highest HP between your enemy and you, it will work in the same way. You can see it in another way: the lower the HP of your enemies, more dmg you will deal to them up to 19.99% (considering that your HP is the highest).

The Orcus’ set is very expensive right now for most players because there’s a high demand and low offer. It will be cheaper after some time so don’t worry, keep using lostmauth until you are able to afford the new set, however, there’s another issue. If you change the set, you will end up losing 2k ArPen and don’t forget that you need to have at least 60% RI always. Be sure that you can back up this asap before the change.

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