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Neverwinter Nights character builds

I recently had the urge to finally finish the Official Campaign, Shadows of the Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark.

Before firing up the play-through I wanted to make sure I had a semi-decent character build planned out. Unfortunately, I had a really hard time finding any build guides for the campaigns. Almost all the builds I could find were focused on the finished product at level 40.

You reach level 17 in the Official Campaign.

You reach level 13 in Shadows of Undrentide.

Because SoU and HoTU were intended to be played with the same character I have extended this build through level 28. That is the level I expect to reach before finishing HoTU.

This character was inspired by the Reaver class which is playable within Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer.

Tamar is a fearsome warrior. She developed her abilities by consuming dragon blood. Her only desire is the thrill of battle; the blood of her enemies on her sword and a warcry on her lips.

Race: Human

Alignment: Any Non-Lawful

Fighter(14), Bard(3), Red Dragon Disciple(10), Human

I chose to use a Greatsword out of preference. If you want to use a shield, Longsword and Scimitar would be solid choices. If you want to use an exotic weapon, such as a Scythe or Bastard Sword, swap out Exotic Weapon Proficiency for Luck of Heroes.


STR: 17 (32)
DEX: 13
CON: 14 (16)
WIS: 8
INT: 14 (16)
CHA: 8 (10)

1. Fighter(1): Luck of Heroes, Power Attack, Cleave
2. Fighter(2): Weapon Focus: Greatsword

3. Fighter(3): Knockdown
4. Fighter(4): STR+1, Weapon Specialization: Greatsword, (STR=18)
5. Fighter(5)
6. Fighter(6): Dodge, Great Cleave
7. Bard(1)
8. Fighter(7): STR+1, (STR=19)
9. Fighter(8): Improved Knockdown, Improved Critical: Greatsword
10. Red Dragon Disciple(1)
11. Red Dragon Disciple(2): (STR=21)
12. Red Dragon Disciple(3): STR+1, Mobility, (STR=22)
13. Red Dragon Disciple(4): (STR=24)
14. Red Dragon Disciple(5)
15. Red Dragon Disciple(6): Blind Fight
16. Red Dragon Disciple(7): STR+1, (STR=25), (CON=16)
17. Red Dragon Disciple(8)
18. Red Dragon Disciple(9): Toughness, (INT=16)
19. Red Dragon Disciple(10): {Darkvision}, (STR=29), (CHA=10)
20. Fighter(9): STR+1, (STR=30)
21. Fighter(10): Overwhelming Critical: Greatsword, Devastating Critical: Greatsword
22. Bard(2)
23. Fighter(11)
24. Fighter(12): STR+1, Epic Weapon Focus: Greatsword, Epic Weapon Specialization: Greatsword, (STR=31)
25. Fighter(13)
26. Fighter(14): Armor Skin
27. Bard(3): Epic Prowess
28. Fighter(15): STR+1, (STR=32)

Hitpoints: 364
Skillpoints: 171
Saving Throws (Fortitude/Will/Reflex): 21/16/14
Saving Throw bonuses: Spells: +6
BAB: 20
AB (max, naked): 35 (melee), 22 (ranged)
AC (naked/mundane armor/shield only): 23/34
Spell Casting: Bard(0)
Alignment Changes: 0

Skills Discipline 31(42), Lore 8(14), Persuade 30(30), Spellcraft 30(33), Tumble 30(31), UMD 30(30), remaining skillpoints 12

F 01: Discipline(4), Lore(4), Save(12),
F 02: Discipline(1), Lore(1), Save(15),
F 03: Discipline(1), Lore(1), Save(18),
F 04: Discipline(1), Lore(1), Save(21),
F 05: Discipline(1), Lore(1), Save(24),
F 06: Discipline(1), Save(28),
Ba 07: Discipline(1), Persuade(4), Spellcraft(10), Tumble(10), UMD(10),
F 08: Discipline(1), Save(4),
F 09: Discipline(1), Save(8),
RDD 10: Discipline(1), Persuade(9), Save(3),
RDD 11: Discipline(1), Persuade(1), Save(6),
RDD 12: Discipline(1), Persuade(1), Spellcraft(5), Save(4),
RDD 13: Discipline(1), Persuade(1), Save(7),
RDD 14: Discipline(1), Persuade(1), Save(10),
RDD 15: Discipline(1), Persuade(1), Save(13),
RDD 16: Discipline(1), Persuade(1), Save(16),
RDD 17: Discipline(1), Persuade(1), Save(19),
RDD 18: Discipline(1), Persuade(1), Save(22),
RDD 19: Discipline(1), Persuade(1), Save(26),
F 20: Discipline(1), Save(31),
F 21: Discipline(1), Save(36),
Ba 22: Discipline(1), Persuade(3), Spellcraft(10), Tumble(15), UMD(15),
F 23: Discipline(1), Save(5),
F 24: Discipline(1), Save(10),
F 25: Discipline(1), Save(15),
F 26: Discipline(1), Save(20),
Ba 27: Discipline(1), Persuade(5), Spellcraft(5), Tumble(5), UMD(5), Save(7),
F 28: Discipline(1), Save(12),

Spoiler Free Tip:

Haste Items are your best friend. Make sure to pick them up as soon as possible. Make use of your UMD. You can use most scrolls and magical items. Prioritize immunity and freedom when making gear choices due to low saves.

Boots of Speed are available in Chapter 3 of the OC.

Boots of Shifting Sands available in Interlude of SoU.

I am aware that the campaigns are quite easy in the grand scheme of things. Please feel free to critique the build above and improve upon it if you see any glaring deficiencies. I will gladly update this post.

Increased strength to 17 from 16. Dropped constitution from 16 to 14. Increased dexterity from 12 to 13.

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