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Neverwinter Online Classes

ddmsrealm-neverwinter-dungeonNeverwinter, the MMORPG that is based off of the Forgotten Realm Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting and using the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition rule set, has some of the most loved and played archetype characters in Dungeons and Dragons.

These classes are not only the classic Dungeons and Dragons characters that we have seen for 40 years now, they are also the most popular classes and roles you will find in almost all of the massively multiplayer online role play games.

Controller Wizard

Role: Controller. You exert control through magical effects that cover large areas—sometimes hindering foes, sometimes consuming them with fire.

The Controller Wizard is a class that slings magic and manipulates their foes by freezing them or stunning them. Controller Wizards are able to toss their foes around the battlefield. Controller Wizards in Neverwinter don’t do a ton of damage but are the best class to control and maintain a battle.

ddmsrealm-neverwinter-wizard-go-poofController Wizards may be one of the most challenging character classes in Neverwinter due to the tactical way battle must be approached, but with patience, you’ll learn the various uses of their powers and have a lot of fun.

If you like to play characters with strategy and tactics, this may be the class for you. To learn more about the Controller Wizard in Neverwinter check out the Beginner’s Guide to Neverwinter Controller Wizards.

Devote Cleric

Role: Healer. You shield allies with your prayers and healing, and use powers to improve your allies’ attacks and to devastate your foes.

The Devote Cleric in Neverwinter is the group healer and buffer. Primarily focused on healing, the Devote Cleric can use the same magic for offensive area of effect spells as well. Devote Clerics can also weaken enemies by draining away their life forces and granting it to their allies.

ddmsrealm-neverwinter-big-beastyDevoted Clerics may be one of the easier classes to play in Neverwinter due to their ability to heal themselves and damage many enemies at once. Playing one well in a group will take practice, but every group will need at least one good Devote Cleric!

If you like to play characters that look after rest of the group as well as their own companions, this may be the class for you. To learn more about the Devote Cleric in Neverwinter check out the Beginner’s Guide to Neverwinter Devote Clerics.

Great Weapon Fighter

Role: Striker. You bounce around in battle delivering massive damage to many enemies around the battlefield.

The Great Weapon Fighter in Neverwinter is a warrior that works on the fringes of battle using their huge two handed weapons and their area of effect abilities to quickly and effectively kill the minions of the more powerful enemies. Then, their secondary role is to fight the leader of the group usually alongside a Guardian Fighter.

The Great Weapon Fighter is one of the easier classes to play in Neverwinter due to being fairly tough and highly mobile. Playing a Great Weapon Fighter is an active role because much of their power and ability to survive comes from their mobility.

ddmsrealm-neverwinter-great-weapon-tornado ddmsrealm-neverwinter-guardian-fight-stance

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