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Neverwinter mount system reviewBy Jeff Francis

One of the hallmarks of any online adventurer is gaining that first mount. Even in this era of free-to-play mmo games that allow for instant travel between zones, I still find the acquisition and collecting of mounts to be a powerful lure. For older players, getting that first mount was a personal achievement after logging in many hours of playing time. Usually, the acquisition of said mount took a good deal of sacrifice and patience, but it was always worth it in the end.Neverwinter stable Where a player was once forced to jog to his quest location, he could now ride a majestic steed in style. The Neverwinter mmo features a huge menagerie of mounts for players to acquire, ranging from standard horses to more exotic fare like the Striped Owlbear of Tenser's Floating Disk. The new Neverwinter mount system, introduced in The Maze Engine update, greatly expands the scope of these modes of transport.Neverwinter insignia sets Let's tighten the cinches and saddle up as we expound upon the new system in our Neverwinter mount system review.

Prior to the launch of the new Neverwinter mount system, most mounts only offered players the benefit of faster travel speeds. Of course, that has always been the principal role of mounts in online games since time immemorial, but at least the mounts in Neverwinter are a varied and entertaining lot. Epic and legendary mounts offered an equip power, such as a hit point or other characteristic increase, and legendary mounts also featured a combat power to help their owners, usually taking the form of the mount appearing and doing damage to a player's foes. As for the lower tier of mounts, they only offered a differing range of speeds. That all changed when The Maze Engine update launched.

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