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Neverwinter Nights 2: 1/2-Heart of Fury Mode by Tioma (Submitted)
This mod gives monsters 2*HP+25 instead of their original hitpoints (keeping as well Tony K's and Reeron's
enhancements and Loudent's AC bugfix). New XP reward is calculated by the formula: 3*XP for first 25 experience
points, 2*XP for experience points between 25 and 100, and 1.5*XP for experience points above 100.
MotB Pre-order Items by Kaedrin Download below

UPDATE: This version by Hades480bc includes all 3 blessings below in a single self-installing archive and requires no in-game console use to install.

This contains the three pre-orders for Mask of the Betrayer. Choose the one you want to use and unzip it to your override folder. The blessing will be added to the starting area of MoTB in a pile of scrolls. The author has kept the blessings seperate where you have to choose which to get when you start the game (like Obsidian intended). You could always unzip all three, copy the UTI files, and use the console to spawn those items.

+2 Fortitude bonus while in inventory.

You may use this blessing to permanently bestow the following property upon any single weapon (thereby consuming the blessing): Immunity: Necromancy and +1d6 Positive Energy damage

+2 Will bonus while in inventory.

You may use this blessing to permanently bestow the following properties upon any single weapon (thereby consuming the blessing): Immunity: Illusion, True Seeing, and +1d6 Magical damage

+2 Reflex bonus while in inventory.

You may use this blessing to permanently bestow the following property upon any single weapon (thereby consuming the blessing): Haste and +1d4 Electricity damage

Neverwinter Nights 2 Plus 4 Trainer

This trainer (which likely only works on the unpatched game) allows you to achieve the following with the press of a button:

F5 - Unlimited Creation Upgrade Points On/Off
F6 - Give $5000
F7 - Give 1000 Experience Points
F8 - Unlimited Skill Upgrade Points

Neverwinter Nights 2 Plus 7 Trainer

This trainer (which likely only works on the unpatched game) allows you to achieve the same effects as the one above. Additionally, it can also give you invincibility, unlimited ability points and the ability to teleport.

Mask of the Betrayer Spirit Eater Cheat
For those people that absolutely hate the new spirit eater feature introduced in the Mask of the Betrayer expansion, this script is for you. It changes the Satiate feat to refill your spirit meter without any penalty. Use once a day, at stage 3 hunger.
Tony_K's Companion and Monster AI
This is a hak to improve the decision making of your companions and the monsters you combat. It is designed to work with the official campaign and with single and multiplayer modules. It is the successor to the NWVault NWN Hall of Fame hakpak Henchman Inventory & Battle AI.

The following features are included:

1) All creatures, both friends and foes, will make more intelligent choices about weapon switching, spellcasting, targeting, healing, feat/skill usage, dual wielding, and summoning during combat.
2) Companions will be more useful outside combat. You will be able to ask them to pick up items for you, open locks, recover traps, and cast infinite buff spells automatically for you if they have the appropriate spells or skills.
3) More behavior settings in order to guide actions of companions and associates.
4) Spellcasting companions will not waste their spells on weak enemies.
5) Companions will use or better use thieves' tools, healing kits, and certain non-equippable magical items such as wands.
6) Spontaneous casting of clerical cure and inflict wounds spells.
7) AI is scaled based on the creature’s intelligence. Very low intelligence creatures only attack closest target, high intelligence creatures find and exploit enemies’ weaknesses. The AI will not cast inappropriate spells against a target that is immune to them, including elemental immunities like fire.
8) Summoned associates remember their behavior settings between summons.
9) Companions can be asked to buff or heal you, themselves, or the whole party outside of combat.
10) Summoned creatures can scout looking for enemies first in order to soak up damage.
11) Companions can be set up to follow or guard something other than the currently controlled character. Associates can be set up to follow or guard something besides just their master.

Peek-a-BIC is a standalone program for viewing and documenting the stats and level progression of your player characters. This software reads your character BIC files and displays the data in any of several formats. Now you can view and upload your character's stats and level progression with just a few easy clicks. If you enjoy power building, give Peek-a-BIC a go.
Feat Selection Fixes
This add-on fixes problems with several feats that could not be taken when prerequisites were met.

Feats that were unavailable for some classes on level-up:

-Deflect Arrow (was unavailable for Warlock and several PrCs)
-Weapon Proficiency feats [Simple, Martial, Exotic] (where unavailable when taking levels in some PrCs, like Arcane Trickster or Neverwinter Nine)
-Weapon Specialization [Club] (wasn't selectable without explicitly taking Fighter level on level-up)
-Extra Turning, Divine Might and Divine Shield (previously required Cleric, Paladin or Blackguard level on level-up)
-Extra Song, Lingering Song, Curse Song and Skill Focus [Perform] (did require Bard on level-up)
-Natural Spell (did require Druid on level-up)
-Battle Caster (did require Bard or Warlock on level-up, having Armored Caster is enough now)
-Great Smiting (did require Paladin, Blackguard, or Divine Champion on level-up)
-Thundering Rage (did require Barbarian on level-up)

Feats that had wrong prerequisites:

-Favored Power Attack [Plants], which required Favored Enemy [Dwarves], instead of Favored Enemy [Plants]
-Epic Weapon Focus [Falchion], which required Weapon Focus, instead of Greater Weapon Focus
-Epic Weapon Specialization [Falchion], which required Weapon Specialization, instead of Greater Weapon Specialization

Feats that didn't work as bonus feats:

-Persistent Spell (for Wizards and Red Wizards)
-Weapon Focus [Falchion, Warmace] (for Divine Champion)
-Improved Critical [Warmace] (for Divine Champion)
-Improved Rapid Shot (for Fighters)
-Epic Weapon Focus [Falchion] (for Fighters)
-Epic Weapon Specialization [Falchion] (for Fighters)
-Overwhelming Critical [Falchion, Warmace] (for Fighters)

Feats that were not gained for free as part of class ability:

-Weapon Specialization [Battle Axe] (for Favored Souls with corresponding deities)


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