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Frequently Spawned Items
(Or, how to use crafting skills in the NWN Original Campaign and Shadows of Undrentide)

If you are playing the original campaign (or even Shadows of Undrentide) and want to use some of the Hordes of the Underdark feats that are mostly useful for lower level characters - like brewing potions, crafting items, etc. - you won't be able to find any of the necessary items, because the original campaign (and Shadows of Undrentide) isn't set up for you to be able to purchase or find any of these items. So, the intrepid adventurer must find other ways of acquiring these essential items in order to make full use of their impressive skills.

You'll need to use the Console Commands, so please familiarize yourself with the proper use of the console.

Note: Whenever something is enclosed in quotes, you do not actually type the quotes, but instead, type what is inside the quotes and then hit return. Capitalization is extremely important, and the commands will not work unless they are typed exactly as they are shown here (unless I have misspelled or miscapitalized something). Capitalization is not important with resrefs, apparently (though, I think it is when scripting, it does not appear to be the case when using console commands). Also, whenever there is a space, it is very important that you include that space, or the command will not work. Of course, adding extra spaces will just as likely cause the command not to work, and might cause the screen to fill with rabid vampire bunnies.

The particular DM command you'll be using is "dm_spawnitem". So, for instance, if you want to create an empty potion bottle, you will enter the Debug Mode by entering "DebugMode 1" (note the space between the e and the 1, but no space between the g and the M) at the console and then type the console command:

"dm_spawnitem x2_it_cfm_pbottl" (note the space between spawnitem and x2)

Sadly, the Mac version of NWN does not allow copy and pasting as the PC version does. Someday, hopefully, BioWare will remedy this.

Useful Crafting Items

For Brew, Scribe and Craft Feats

Magic Potion (For Brew Potion Feat) . . . x2_it_cfm_pbottl
Blank Scroll (For Scribe Scroll Feat) . . . x2_it_cfm_bscrl

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