Neverwinter Characters

Neverwinter characters

Greetings Adventurers!

Knox has sent out recruitment orders for experienced adventurers to join the ranks in Neverwinter! We will be adding the ability to purchase premade level 70 characters of all classes first offered to anyone who already has an existing level 70 character.

Sometimes you just want to jump right into playing content with a new character without any hassle. New premade characters will have all tutorial quests completed with a set of power choices appropriate for those unfamiliar with the class. Once you are familiar with your premade character, a Retraining Token comes with this purchase when you want to customize your build.

Finally, new premade characters will also start fully equipped at 1600 item level with stats focused for their build, so they are prepared to delve into a variety of level 70 content. Also… Owlbears! Each new premade character comes with a choice of one of our unique Painted Owlbears!

Look at them, so majestic and proud! They could be Neverwinter’s official city mascot if Neverember didn’t like Lions so much.

Contents included for new characters:

Starts at 1600 item level equipment including: Elemental Fire primary and secondary weapons Elemental equipment from completing the Elemental Evil Campaign Seasoned Adventurer’s Artifact Pack A choice of one of the following at Rare quality: Aurora’s Whole Realm Catalogue Waters of Elah’zad Lantern of Revelation Seasoned Adventurer’s Items Pack 2 Runic Bags of Holding (36 slots) 150 Gold 1 Greater Stone of Health And other basic consumables Retraining Token Character slot Painted Owlbear Pack Your choice of one of 5 uniquely skinned Epic Owlbear Mounts Epic 110% speed +8000 HP passive mount power

Premade level 70 characters will be available Tuesday September 6th while at the same time we will be lowering the price of Campaign Buyouts to 4000 Zen.

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